Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Pro Label Inc. takes its responsibility to sustainability very seriously.  We are a corporately responsible company, which focuses on improvements in our operating performance, continual growth in social responsibility and also with diminishing the impact our company and its people have on the environment.

Our focus on improving our operating performance directly and positively affects the environment through lower energy consumption, less waste and better efficiencies.  One area of focus for Pro Label Inc. is waste.  In 2010 Pro Label Inc. implemented an aggressive recycling program, which removed all production waste from the landfill.  All paper and cardboard are collected by a local recycling company.  All other waste is sent to a pellet manufacturer and converted into fuel.  Besides reducing the environmental impact of Pro Label Inc., these steps have also provided actual cost savings.  In 2012 we received a Waste Reduction Certificate from Sorbits stemming from our towel-cleaning program with them.  During 2011 Sorbits recovered over 500 lbs. of waste solvents through their service.

Several steps have been taken to reduce our impact on the environment.  Besides eliminating landfill waste, Pro Label Inc. has aggressively put programs in place to reduce energy consumption, re-use corrugated cartons and packaging materials, and reduce VoC emissions by replacing solvent inks with water based inks.

During 2011, Pro Label Inc. installed an air make-up unit in its production environment yielding immediate cost savings and reduced energy usage relating to heating and cooling of the plant.  This unit equalizes the plant air pressure and humidity.  In 2012 variable frequency drives were added to this unit to further reduce energy consumption and lower costs.  Automation of this system based on plant environment feedback was another savings feature added in 2012.

We have introduced a “packaging re-use” program with many local customers.  Pro Label Inc. is currently re-using over 500 lbs. per month of corrugated boxes, edge protection, and similar packaging materials.

If you would like more information on our sustainability efforts, please contact us.