Healthy Living

Couple walking dogPro Label Inc. targets healthy living and lifestyles for its employees and their families.  Individual and trio “biggest loser” weight loss programs are held multiple times per year.  Prizes are awarded for the best performance.  Yearly health risk assessments are provided to employees and spouses.  Costs are covered by Pro Label Inc.  Private blood work and lifestyle reviews with a certified health coach help individuals with a game plan to live a healthier life.

We recently added the Wellness Pathways program, which provides partial reimbursement of an employee’s health insurance premium based on meeting certain criteria as required by the program.

A “healthy snack” vending machine was added to the break room.

Employees are also reimbursed for up to three organized walk/run events per year.

To learn more about how Pro Label, Inc. promotes healthy living among its employees, please contact us.